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A senior living data provider

​Your solution is Occupancy Advantage™

Empower your marketing and sales and achieve your sales goals.


Unparalleled resident-to-community senior prospect matching!


Learn deep insights on every matched prospect!

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Our platform matches senior prospects to your community by identifying multiple characteristics and requirements based on your community needs. Each senior prospect is then searched and compared to provide unparalleled insights with up to 330 unique and inferred traits. In addition, your marketing and sales team can review each prospect before beginning marketing and sales engagement. 


We create a custom search algorithm based on your community's needs to deep-search each senior prospect. Over 10 billion touchpoints and millions of datasets are accessed, including consumer, realty, government, social media, news, and geographic databases. Aggregated data is then compiled, cross-referenced, and created into an actionable format, which you can deploy for marketing and sales. 


Gain a clear understanding of your senior prospects with up to 330 unique insights covering demographics, psychographics, and consumption. In addition, insights are provided regarding consumer, asset, financial, interest, family, travel, non-HIPA health, and activity traits. Finally, each senior prospect is ranked so you can review how each is best suited for your community.

The Occupancy Advantage™ Product


With the information at your fingertips, you will be able to review each senior prospect selected for your community for the immediate engagement should you choose. Additionally, you can review each matched senior prospect to better understand their profile before engaging in marketing and sales, providing you an Occupancy Advantage™.


Rather than wait for contact, broaden your abilities, and contact the prospects within your market region. Your community is licensed to engage each senior prospect ensuring you can move quickly and more effectively, dramatically increasing your ROI. Launch targeted mail campaigns or conduct matched-interest community events; the opportunities are endless.


Each senior living or adult active community is independently licensed to engage each selected matched senior prospect with no interference to allow for swift, effective, knowledgeable, and responsible engagement. We created a unique system to empower communities, increase your ROI, shorten your unit turn, and allow you to unleash your creative marketing and sales.

The benefits of Occupancy Advantage™

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